My Words to you Guys! Lots of Love~ Dee

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Posted on October 8, 2017 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (1)

It has been a while since I last posted. Since then there have been a lot of changes in my life. Changes can be a good thing. They have been helping me grow and develop as a person and as a writer. It is through going through the unfamiliar that we unearth new things about ourselves. Sometimes change can be scary because there is so much mystery involved. But life is an adventure and there are many wonderful things just waiting to be discovered. So welcome change. Welcome mystery. Welcome discovery. 

Celebrating the year 2016!

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It's a brand new year everyone. Make it amazing! We all have some goals tucked away. Work on them now!

Everything is a process. You can do one little thing every day to bring you closer to your dreams. I have learned this past year that absolutely everything has meaning and value. Experiences are always the best teachers.

Those things that seemed to be obstacles make us all stronger in some way. Challanges are there to strengthen and not to hinder you.

Look at obstacles you've faced in the past. Would you really have been that much better off without them. How have you been molded and sculpted by these situations? I know you have.

The creation you are becoming is wonderful! 

A Full Year of Writing

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It is hard for me to believe that I am now coming around to the anniversary of my first book on Amazon. Since then I have only continued to grow as a writer and illustrator. Writing is not only something I do for fun. It will continue to be a big part of who I am.

Without our own form of self expression who are we?

Are our identities fully formed without our creative outlets?

I don't know.

 I do know that I will only get better as a writer because I will never stop. I can't stop. Writing is not just what I like to do. It is something I need to do. Thanks again to everyone who supports what I do. You have all helped my dreams turn into realities!! 

Lots of Love


Celebrating your Achievements Now!

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We all have dreams.

However, we also all have acheivements.

Don't forget to celebrate the things you have already achieved and the wonderful things you already have.

I think society conditions us to keep thinking about the future, to keep focusing on having and being more. What about right now?

If we don't cherish right now there will never be a point to having more. After all if we get it we will keep dreaming about having or achieving the next thing.

We all have those little victories in life. We all have some blessings to be thankful for. Take a moment and celebrate what you already have.

It will only inspire you to keep doing better! 

Lots of Love,


Becoming a Little RANDOM

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Sometimes I just feel like I am in a rut and doing the same thing over and over again.

Sometimes it is fun to be random and break up the routine a bit.

Talk to someone you wouldn't usually talk to, say something you would normally be afraid to, go some place a little different, wear that funky hair clip or

whatever you have to do to make today a little special.

It is fun! I'm not saying go crazy but try to to make today a little special so that it stands out from all the other days in the recent past.

You might do something that is so much fun you might want to start incorporating it into your everyday routine. 

Lots of Love,


Only You

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Fly & Frog~ New Book

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Yesterday I finished a book called Fly & Frog.

It is about a Frog tempting a fly to come closer. The book was created as a conversation starter for kids about stranger danger and staying safe.

Stranger danger is a reoccuring theme in my writing.

Kids need to be aware that not everyone in the world has good intentions because it helps keep them safe.

A story sticks in the minds of little ones better than a warning by itself.

Check the Story Store Page to purchase.

Lots of Love


My Blog!

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Hi all! 

First off I would like to thank everyone for visiting this website.

My name is Dee Smith. I love to write picture books and experiment with drawing and graphic design.

My books are available on Amazon and you can view most of them on the "Story Store" page of this website.

I am constantly creating so this website will be constantly updated with new content. I encourage everyone to join my book club on the home page.

Every once and a while I feel like putting one of my books up for free.

If I don't have anything to give away for free, you won't hear from me! Ha ha!

If you join my Book Club you will ONLY be informed via email when to download these FREE books.

I will not spam you. Thus far a few of my E-books have only been free for 1 to 2 days and when I do this I want you to have them. Don't miss the freebies!  


I also want to encourage everyone to follow their dreams and to embrace themselves as individuals.

Honestly, it took me a long time to accept that my goal in life shouldn't be being liked or accepted by everyone else but embracing what makes me, me.

After all thats what gives us value.

As I go through a stage of constant metamorphisis, my work does too. In a way, my work becomes my outlet to express my changing self.

We live in a world that tries to tell us how to be but only you make that choice. That choice is beautiful.

That choice is beautiful because that choice is yours.

Make it your own! 

The most amazing thing about creating these books is it is fun and comes naturally to me.

It is so amazing to me that there are so many people out there supporting my work.

i'd like to say thanks to each and every one of you!

 Oops, Did I say thanks already? Well I am saying it again!

You are all amazing! 

Lots of Love,